Leeb Capital Management

Our Investment Advisory Firm manages assets for a diverse client base, offering a variety of investment portfolio equity strategies.

Investment Advisor

Our Investment Advisors provide investment advice and (oftentimes) manage these investments. Responsible for analyzing a client’s financial situation, our Investment Advisors recommend the best course of action when it comes to a client's investment portfolio options. We help balance asset allocations, diversify holdings, and aim to obtain a high rate of return for our clients.

Money Management

Our Money Managers specialize in making portfolios grow through prudent investment strategies. Constantly informed about the securities markets through diligent research, we provide investment advice and portfolio management. Securities investing can be a risky activity, therefore, we recommend leaving the buying / selling of securities in the hands of our investment professionals.

Wealth Management

Wealth management is an investment advisory service for high net worth individuals, often with complex financial situations. Instead of a broad service, our wealth managers provide individualized wealth management solutions. We cater to a wide array of financial factors: tax & estate planning, insurance, charitable contributions, ect.

Asset Management

Our Asset Managers serve as an advisor with one paramount goal - to substantially grow our client's portfolio. We advise institutional investors, as well as high net worth individuals. We conduct research and statistical analyses of companies, markets, and trends in order to determine what investments to make or avoid on behalf of our clients.

How we work.

1 The Investment Committee will perform in-depth research on these companies in order to determine the ones to be included in the Large Cap Growth model portfolio.

2 The Income & Growth Portfolio core strategy is based on generating current income and long-term capital appreciation. We look to hold positions as long as possible.

3 The Peak Resources & Energy Portfolio is based on LCM’s belief that the global economy is in the midst of an era of increasing global resource and energy scarcity.

Our Investment Portfolio Strategy centers on its core Large Cap Growth Portfolio which emphasizes high-quality, large capitalization companies.

Who we are.

With international thought leadership on energy and resources, LCM also has a complimentary investment portfolio strategy based on natural resources.

Renewable Energy

Solar, Wind, Tidal, Geothermal


Tangible Goods, Raw Materials

Mineral Resources

Hydrocarbons, Metalliferous Ores

Base Metals

Industrial & Precious Metals