Investment Adviser Philosophy

Leeb Capital Management Investment Adviser clients are held in the highest regard, and portfolios are individually tailored to meet each client’s objectives. Portfolio reviews are scheduled to discuss liquidity needs, cash flow requirements, and performance. Clients also receive the following reports:

Leeb Capital Management Investment Adviser φ Investment Philosophy

A portfolio of dominant companies generally offers greater predictability in forecasting sales, future earnings, and growth rates which provides more stable and consistent returns. Typically, stocks that satisfy our two main investment requirements – high earnings potential and leading competitive position are stocks with large capitalizations and high earnings growth rates.

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Investment Strategy Communicated With Transparency

Leeb Capital Management Investment Adviser provides quality investment management services to individuals and institutions. Our steadfast track record began in 1999, with macro “thought leadership” and diligent research wisely guiding our investment portfolio management.
Leeb Capital Management Investment Adviser φ Investment Philosophy
Communication is the key to successful client relationships.
Every client is held in the highest regard and investment portfolios are tailored to meet each client’s investment objectives.
Feel free to request a portfolio review to discuss performance.