The Investment Committee will perform in-depth research on these companies in order to determine the ones to be included in the Large Cap Growth model portfolio.

  • Dominant & Competitive Analysis
  • Growth Factors
  • Quality Analysis
  • Valuation

Screening Process

The Investment Committee’s discussions will often lead to the development of more specific “sub-themes.” For example, discussions relating to the burgeoning growth of China and India have led the committee to realize that these economies will need tremendous amounts of additional energy in order to sustain growth. With the conclusion that this increased energy demand will intensify the world’s supply crunch, the investment team will review and analyze the energy sector to identify companies that will benefit from this derivative event.

LCM’s top down approach helps to focus the firm’s bottom-up security selection process into the growth sectors and industries identified by the Investment Committee. Portfolio managers identify candidates from the S&P 500 and other sources that are consistent with the firm’s investment philosophy. The result of the analyses is a “watch-list” of approximately 150 companies. These stocks should possess:

Fundamental Research

  • Market Dominance
  • Superior Operating Record
  • Exceptional Balance Sheet
  • Projected Growth Exceeds Market
  • Reasonable Price
  • Forward PEG Less Than Market

LCM employs strict sell disciplines to protect its clients’ portfolios. Positions will generally be reduced or sold if a stock:

  • Becomes overpriced
  • Can be replaced with better risk/reward opportunity
  • Changes occur that affect a stock’s fundamentals
  • Position weight reaches 8%

Investment Strategy Communicated With Transparency

Leeb Capital Management provides quality investment management services to individuals and institutions. Our steadfast track record began in 1999, with macro “thought leadership” and diligent research wisely guiding our investment portfolio management.
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