Our Story

Leeb Capital Management, Inc. (LCM) has operated under current ownership as a registered investment adviser since 1984, building a first-tier team and achieving a top-ranked, GIPS-verified performance record in the Large Cap Growth category.

LCM’s history reflects an on-going commitment to analytic excellence. Dr. Stephen Leeb, an author of 7 well-regarded books on financial markets, founded LCM to further build on his nationwide reputation for macroeconomic and stock analysis. His recent bestsellers – The Coming Economic Collapse: Oil at $200 a Barrel (2006) and Game Over: How to Prosper in a Shattered Economy (2009) – correctly predicted much of the market volatility stemming from both the housing bubble and resource spikes. Dr. Leeb's recently released Red Alert (2011) outlines how China's growing prosperity has changed the dynamic of resource markets and balance of global economic power, and is threatening the American way of life. Such thought leadership is reflected in our investment choices and superior performance record.

Dr. Leeb recruited a highly regarded investment team that has included the late Burt Dorsett, former Chief Investment Officer of TIAA-CREF and Roger Conrad, founder of the Utility Forecaster, a publication that has received a variety of awards including “Best Financial Advisory” by the Newsletters Publishers Association for 1997.

Over the last several years, LCM has capitalized on its track record to further deepen its leadership team. Dr. Patrick DeSouza, an operating executive with 20 years of experience in financial services and senior governmental experience at the White House, has assumed the role of the firm’s President. Another key addition is Eric Remole, LCM’s Chief Investment Officer is the former head of Quantitative Research for J.P. Morgan Asset Management’s US Equity Group. In addition, LCM has established an exclusive consulting relationship with Dr. Ronald Coifman, Phillips Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science at Yale University and winner of the 1998 National Medal of Science. Dr. Coifman has introduced a set of proprietary analytic tools to LCM enabling the discovery of new investment opportunities.

Today, Leeb Capital Management manages assets for a diverse client base and offers clients a variety of equity strategies that center on its core Large Cap Growth product which emphasizes high-quality, large capitalization companies. With international thought leadership on energy and resources, LCM also has a complimentary portfolio strategy based on natural resources.