Investment Strategies at Leeb Capital Management

Leeb Capital Management manages portfolios that are custom tailored to meet its clients’ needs. While our investing philosophy remains consistent across all accounts, portfolios are managed within three major product investment strategies.

Investment Strategies

Investment Strategies for Investor Supervisory Services offered at Leeb Capital Management

Investment Strategies

Large Cap Growth Portfolio

Macroeconomic Trends

The Investment Committee will perform in-depth research on these companies in order to determine the ones to be included in the Large Cap Growth model portfolio.

Investment Strategies

Income & Growth Portfolio

Capital Appreciation

The Income & Growth Portfolio core strategy is based on generating current income and long-term capital appreciation. We look to hold positions as long as possible.

Peak Resources & Energy Portfolio

Commodity Markets

The Peak Resources & Energy Portfolio is based on LCM’s belief that the global economy is in the midst of an era of increasing global resource and energy scarcity.